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How we can help

If you are concerned about your child’s speech, language or communication skills it can be an anxious time. As a parent you want to do everything you can to support them. Playcubs is here to help.


We provide support for children aged 0-18 years who have difficulties with any aspect of their communication, including:

  • Understanding

  • Social skills

  • Attention and listening

  • Talking

  • Speech sounds

  • Stammering

See below for a full list of all our services. Contact us for further information and to book your appointment.

Free Consultation

Book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your concerns about your child’s communication development.

Developmental Language Screen

This is a short screening assessment for children aged 0-2:5 years. This short assessment is useful if you wish to determine if your child’s language and communication skills are on track for their age.

Early Years ‘Say and Play’ Programme and Nurseries

A fun and interactive Early Years programme designed for Early Years settings and Outreach centres to support important life skills: Listening and Attention, Communication, Social interaction and Play, Pre-literacy skills. Get in touch for a quote and for more details about our nursery offer.


We offer in person Speech and Language therapy playgroups for children aged 0-5 years. Have fun learning tips, tricks and play ideas to support your child's early speech and language development.
Book your place now!

Therapy sessions

We offer bespoke 1:1 therapy sessions based on your child’s speech, language and communication needs. After assessment, therapy goals will be set with you and/or young person and therapy sessions will work towards these goals at a pace that is right for your child/young person. A programme of activities which can be practised at home or early years/ school setting will be provided.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

We offer comprehensive Initial assessment appointments to find out your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty to help you better understand their needs. We can then discuss next steps and possible interventions. A formal Initial Assessment Report can be provided if required after completion of the assessment session/s. School or nursery visits may also be conducted to gain a holistic view of your child’s difficulties.

Training Packages

We offer workshops and formal training packages for parents, carers and educational staff in facilitating communication development of children with a wide range of communication difficulties.

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